Spring/Summer/Monsoon Trench Coats – Part 2

Remember when I spoke of various other colors, styles and cuts/structures/silhouettes when it comes to trench coats in my last post, when I very happily celebrated falling in love with my two new Old Navy Tab Sleeve Trench Coats in Bandolier Brown and Green? Well here’s some images to inspire your must/lust haves list. Glad to vicariously oblige your style desires or….set you crazy, wanting.

Spring-Summer-Monsoon Trench Coats - Regular Vs.Pop

Organic by John Patrick long coat $385 – lagarconne.com

Jaeger double breasted coat £199 – johnlewis.com

Burberry short trench coat $1,309 – stylebop.com

Helene Berman double breasted coat £80 – houseoffraser.co.uk

Burberry coat $934 – stylebop.com

MaxMara lightweight rain coat $400 – matchesfashion.com

Ted Baker mustard coat £229 – johnlewis.com

Burberry trench coat £419 – farfetch.com
More Spring Trench Coats

Vintage trench coat £127 – farfetch.com

Chloé trench coat $1,375 – mytheresa.com

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel polka dot coat £169 – harrods.com

Missoni crochet coat $958 – net-a-porter.com

Etro trench coat £1,119 – farfetch.com

Fendi striped coat €859 – ekseption.es

Belted trench coat $57 – chicwish.com

Jaeger knit coat £240 – johnlewis.com
From L.A, Hallie Daily‘s wearing a Vintage Coat, a H&M Shirt, Rayban Sunglasses and Zara heels on her trip to China in April.
Blogger Newlyloved is a thrifting enthusiast who found this totally different side zipper green trench coat at Goodwill.
Channel yourself some Iris and Daniel, two best-friends from San Diego, CA they compulsively blog at wehavenostyle.com. She’s wearing a cape from Forever 21 and he’s wearing a balloon like red coat found at an estate sale.
Stefany Strange, 17  from Latvia found this madass neon coat in her mom’s closet. It’s from 20 years ago!
And just to prove how trench coats in colors keep coming back every year, this Green Halston Coat outfit photo featuring Canadian Stylist and Art Director Justyna.B from Chameleonic.co was taken in fall 2010!
Independent fashion designer and vintage style lover, Isabelle Hayes, rocks this color-block with her
vintage green Chartreuse coat and the rest of her outfit full of whoa! vintage finds.
Fiona/’Pepita‘ shows us some classic timeless style in her summer photo,
wearing an eggshell Burberry Trench.
Hannah Riles from the US showcases this casual chic Chartreuse Coat from ASOS.
Maddinka from Poland pulls off the traditional black short trench coat from Romwe with effortless, laidback style.
 And you just can’t beat Sabath from Germany wearing her lime-green Dorothy Perkins Coat with ruffles!
Unless of course you’re stunner Reinaldo Irizarry, stylist and blogger at Reyal Fashion. Now that’s the way to kill it with a classic trench coat. 😉
He’s even prescribed some perfect tips on how to wear a trench coat : ‘To look your best in a trench coat, a few guidelines must be observed. The coat should be fitted and even a little snug at the sides. It should always hit above your knees – any longer and you’ll look like you’re about to flash your genitals. Keep the color simple; khaki is a standard neutral and black or navy are good dark options. Finally, wear your trench with confidence. Go ahead and pop that collar, it was designed to be worn that way.’
Now I hope you found these vicarious style inspirations and finds useful. Do send in photos of you and your favorite or new trench coats finds and loves if you want to be featured! Thank you all for reading! I’m quite enjoying this new writing venture. And yes, it’s increasingly getting compulsive, along with all my shopping sprees. XD

Crazy fashion finds : Fresh take on classic style – Spring/summer/monsoon Trench coats.

Two crazy, big fashion finds from last week. One was a set of trench coats that mysteriously appeared in my pretty-much weekly visited store and the other was finding a new store to go to every week and give all my money to. Yay !   -.-

We all know that the classic beige/black trench coat will never,ever go out of style. Everyone has to own one at some point in their lives. Personally I would never give up my warm, cosy, timelessly styled, perfectly tailored Van Heusen Wool Black Trench coat, it’s the best ever…probably until I acquire a Burberry sometime in the future and fall in love all over again. But for now, its spring-summer-monsoon here in India, the distinction that is quite blurred- a blithe period that is supposed to have begun mid-Jan but lets say March in this case, and will go on till July/August. Days when there’s too much random sunshine and even more random cloud bursts of rain as the skies shift from clear blue to stormy grey like you or I madly trying on new outfits in a rush to go somewhere, but where? How do we dress for the next few months? It’s neither too warm nor too cold. We all find black too dreary for the whimsically sunny day, so how will we deal with the promise of grey rain anytime, anywhere?

Say hello to spring trench coats in colors that come alive. They are the perfect solution. A light cover-all, that sets even the plainest outfit looking so well put-together. It’s a great take on the classic trench and is usually made of light material – cotton, twill, slightly weatherproof and just perfect. There are versions that deal with heavier rain, but the light coats are the best. I’ve seen some beautifully put together outfits with colorful spring trenches since February, but never did I think of the possibility of acquiring one anywhere here.  Not to say that I haven’t met people who wear trench coats in this city but it’s always been the safe, warmer beige or black, saved for those trips abroad or to colder cities. The traditional beige, double-breasted trench coat is no comparison to these bold colored layering options, come rain or snow, that’s for sure, but this colorful staple could definitely turn into a wardrobe essential as well, one that will always remain in style around this time, come every year- Provided you choose the right colors – I believe a tan (or a bandolier brown in this case) is safer for the ones who’d still want to dress a little sober, but a beautiful blue or a  bright green or red are also great buys. I’m more of a winter-red person than a spring-red, but what color, is absolutely upto you! Yellows,oranges, super-mad acid colored ones and even a few lovely ombre ones are available abroad of course, but I think that would get a bit dated far too soon, and I don’t know if I want to or can pull that off.

I’ll shut up now and show you the ones I found with overwhelming joy annnddd bought out- to the store’s complete glee. Yes, both of them 🙂 Compulsive shopper remember. They’re from Old Navy and supposedly $50 each, these perfect tab-sleeve coats, but hey, when you can thrift and have more at the same good quality, why wouldn’t you take and make real good of an awesome bargain?

Old Navy Tab Sleeve Trench Coat - Bandolier Brown Old Navy Tab Sleeve Spring Trench Coat - Green

I’ll post outfit photos of these soon enough, but right now I can’t get enough of being- Aiyo, that mad girl in the green trench coat mall-trawling away!! These wear-at-any-time, day through evening, 100% cotton trench coats are the perfect cover-up for the next few months. Not only do they keep me dry for when it slightly rains  (it’s got some light AstroTurf coating apparently), they also have me comfortably warm with these increasingly intense winds in the evenings, but the best thing is that it pretty much mixes and matches with every single outfit in my wardrobe! I love that you can roll up your sleeves.  Obviously it’s nothing like anything from the Burberry Prorsum Runway (sighhhh..) but these Old Navy trench coats have their own charm and bring some more unique, timeless chic to my closet. I can tell you now that they’ll look good on you any which way. They add such gritty-cool 0r mysterious sophistication to any outfit you try- from jeans and flats to skirts,dresses and yes, you can even bring out those stilettos for those cloudy nights. I’m warning you that it’s pretty light, wrinkles easily ( I don’t mind), is just an outfit addition and will not take heavy rain even though it will last you through any cold, windy, rainy days to come right up to winter when you  may have to dig out your warmer jackets. So…. SCORE, indeed.
Do you already have one ?  What color and what style ? How would you like to wear it ?