Who? Me?!

Hmm, now where do I start. This is too long a story.

Alright, here’s an attempt to leave you atleast a little enlightened.

Hello, my name is Madhumitha, which means a sweet friend in Bengali, as sweet as honey in Sanskrit or liquor for short in Tamil, yes, brilliant isn’t it? I don’t think so,no. Anyway.

Moving on.

I’m Indian. Born and brought up in small city South India to be more specific. Don’t break your geographically challenged heads, let me help you figure out where that is.

I’m from Coimbatore, the city next to the yarn and textile town of Tirupur, where most of the established brands of the world from Armani to Hilfiger to Nike and Reebok get some of their garments and accessories made at.  The second city, to Chennai the capital of our state , on the outskirts of which you’ll find leather factories that make shoes and accessories for the biggest brands you can name off the top of your head.  Our state is also home to the second most ancient classical language, empires of architecture and it’s own forms of music, dance, art, extraordinary cuisine and weaving as well as jewellery making.  That’s just its style quotient by location.

This is a city as famous for  its engineering, textile + automotive industries, agriculture and software companies as it is known for its hospitality and culture. We are a city of entrepreneurs and small pleasures. I write/talk about this frequently in poetry and otherwise. So you’ll certainly be hearing more about this big little city surrounded by mountains, rivers, forests, educational institutions, industries and windmills in the posts to come.

I believe you need to know your roots. So there, you got to know mine.


Today, I’m a Poet, Writer, Copywriter, Design+Communications Strategist as well as Consultant, an occasional photographer and an inveterate culture and lifestyle junkie. See, I told you it’s a long story. It involves 3 cities, lots of travel; law school and design school, lots of interesting people; a HIV & AIDS Awareness campaign, some amazing adventures and experiences; all kinds of love; super exposure to art, culture, service, tradition, food, music, fashion and style; many, many, many books, lots of reading+amalgamating and hours spent on the interwebs AND coupla design firms, a cafe, an art initiative…. as well as what I’m most grateful for – a foundation of good taste, hard work and harder-learned lessons from home. Phew. I’m 23, by the way.


You can find a little more about my professional profile here , read the words I weave as The Volatile Woman, and all the poetry here. Do go see Peepul Stories, a story-telling initiative that I began this year. And follow me on Pinterest for loads of style finds and some sensibly curated online shopping guides.  This here is my visual blog, So I see. So I say. Oh, and I almost forgot, some of  my occasionally updated photography work can be seen on the Shutterspective Photography page.


If you would like to contact, work or collaborate with me, mail me on mzmvrj@gmail.com and we’ll see what mad, crazy ideas, initiatives and revolutionary new things we can get up to.

“There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche


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