When do you start feeling old ?

When you start paying bills ? When you have to think of saving ahead and thinking real long-term ? When you weigh each official decision and brood and ponder over what life really means and whether it will all work out? When a whole lot of things become about money and you never thought you’d be one of those people. Or when you learn to let the small things go, and enjoy the smaller pleasures in life but still endeavour to jump up for impulse and for passion, only not so baseless anymore. I don’t really know. I guess it just happens (happened more like it) and some days you really feel it. Like when you get that ginormous bill from your dentist.

At the bottom of it all, life is still good. I’m still doing all the things I love, no matter what has come or gone and fled us all by over the years.



I’m turning 23 real soon. Completing 23 I suppose to be more exact. Entering that 24th year of my life, where I really make my own way, my own home and everything else. I know a lot of people still say I’m still terribly young to think so much, but you can’t stop life from happening with that can you, now ? I know I have a long way to go but I also know I have to begin NOW.

Life as I know it will definitely change this year. The last few years have had so many uncertainties and ups and downs, as it has been for almost all of us. I still inherently believe that life is good, everybody fights their own battles, you gotta deal with things as they come, do the right thing, follow your heart,  hurt nobody and everything’s gonna be alright but hey, guess what?  I still have that mad glint in my eye. Be warned.



4 thoughts on “When do you start feeling old ?

  1. we’re the same age ((: you’re insanely pretty and i love the compilation of pictures with captions. what programme did you use to put them all together?

    • Hi ! Thank you very much, I just read your own first post commenting on 23 as well 🙂 Good luck with your blog.. This was made on bighugelabs’ mosaic collage maker. Go google, it’s good to make these fast collages.

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